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Sasha Skye has invited a guy over that she's looking forward to fucking. You're going to sit in the corner and watch like an obedient cuckold slave.
My boyfriend will be here any minute, and once he arrives, I want you to just sit in the corner and to not move a muscle. I will make sure that I focus on nothing but pleasuring his amazing dick and you will keep your mouth shut and enjoy the cuckold experience, got it?
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Brooke Banner shows you how she likes to have fun. Sit down on your hands and watch from what she likes to call "cuckold corner"
I know you have a crush on me. I am so out of your league but donít worry. I have a treat for you. I have invited a guy with a big dick to come and show you how I like to have fun. You are going nowhere. I want you to see how this stud is big, muscled and sexy.
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She's holding a condom full of cum that hasn't been fully used yet. See, Sasha Skye needs you to eat cum that she helped produce after getting fucked hard.
What do you mean, what is the condom for? You're my slave, which means that if I want you to do something - anything at all - you will listen to my request and follow my instructions. Today, I got fucked hard and the guy who plowed me created quite an impressive load of cum. I wanted to save it for you to enjoy too.
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