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Ashley Sinclair thinks you're a loser and would have no chance in hell with her. Today, she's going to make you into a little cuckold bitch.
You know what? You're such a loser that I didn't even think it would be possible for you to consider trying to get with me. It should be so obvious that a woman as good as this can do a hell of a lot better than a pathetic maggot like you. I'm practically perfect and you're never going to be with me - it's that simple. I'm actually going to show you what you want but can't have as a lesson.
I'm going to have a big cock come over here and fuck me. You'll sit in the corner like a little naughty cuckold and watch it happen too. The pleasure that I'm going to feel having you as my cuckold will be unlike anything ever before. It will also serve as a good bit of education for you: after all, what is a worthless, pathetic guy like you going to know about making a woman cum? You might as well see it at least once, right?
- Ashley Sinclair

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Mistress Selena gives you your first cuckold experience. She is really going to enjoy it.
I know you like my sexy body. But how would you like to see some other man enjoy it? Want to see how he pounds and destroys my pussy hardcore style? I want to show you a live porn movie. With my big muscular sex friend here, we want to act for you. And do not sulk like a small boy. I want you to sit down and enjoy it.
We start with 69. It makes us all horny and without wasting time, we get to fucking. He takes me from behind and pounds me with all his might. I moan and ask him to pound harder and faster. You watch quietly as his big dick, which you can never have, stretches my pussy. He fucks me hard and grabs my tits and squeezes them hard. He withdraws and cums in my mouth. Great right?
- Mistress Selena

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Penny Barber wants to teach you about being a cuckold. She really doesn't want to have sex with you but she's willing to demonstrate how women get really fucked.
Do you think you'd enjoy the idea of a threesome? Maybe another guy coming in and us having a good time together. I mean, it wouldn't be a standard three-way, seeing as I'd definitely not want any form of contact with you. Basically, you could just go somewhere over there and watch me get pounded by an alpha male's dick. Sounds like a great idea, yeah?
Well whether you like it or not, it's going to happen. I haven't had a good dose of cum in quite some time and the dude who's coming over for this cuckold adventure is known for producing some pretty hot loads. He's going to fuck me so much and I'm going to cum on his cock multiple times like the goddess I am.
- Penny Barber

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Alexis Grace doesn't think you're a very good lover, but she's interested in seeing how you'd perform as a cuckolding slave.
So you think you have what it takes to be my personal cuckolding slave? Well I'm willing to put that to the test. We're going to put you in a chastity device and then make you watch one of my porn shoots. I know how much you love seeing me in person, but there's no way in hell you'd ever have sex with me. You might as well see what it's like for a lady as perfect as me to be pleasured.
Then I'm going to invite one of my fuck buddies over while you sit down out of the way of the bed and watch us fuck. He's going to pound me as hard as he can and actually put a smile on my face - something a pathetic worm like you could never do. I can't wait to have a huge gangstar load of cum deep in my pussy and see your eyes light up as that cuckold creampie leaks out of my slit. Then you're going to eat that cum from my cunt.
- Alexis Grace

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Another day, another cuckolding session with Jasmine Mendez. She's horny as fuck and the stud coming over to fuck her is your worst enemy.
God, I haven't had sex in two days - it's been so long! My man is coming over soon and he's going to ram the absolute shit out of me. I guess it would be a good idea for you to leave, but I suppose if you want to stay and watch that's okay too. In fact, it would turn me on - the idea of you really seeing how to make a girl like me cum. You'd never even get close to delivering that kind of pleasure.
I just can't wait for his big juicy cock to be inside me. It's going to feel so good being as deep as possible in my cunt. You're really going to get a lesson in pleasuring a woman. That cuckold inside of you will be busted wide open when you see just how much a woman like me has with a real man.
- Jasmine Mendez

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Mistress Selena is going to train you to be a cuckold. You better be a fast learner, Mistress doesn't like being disappointed.
I know weíve been together for so many years now, but youíve never been my favorite person to have sex with. Today, I want to show you how I like to have sex. And we can have a sort of threesome although you will not fuck me. I will have a different role for you, my cuckold in training.
I want you to watch while this big and strong man and I make out. Then watch as we have oral sex, his dick is huge just the way I like it. I will suck his dick and then he can lick my pussy. You are not allowed to say anything. Not a sound. When he starts pounding me and I ride him, you can start licking my feet and sucking my toes. That is reward enough for you. Once you do that successfully, you will be on your way learning how to be a cuckold.
- Mistress Selena

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Sinstress wants to cuckold you. You have no choice. So sit back and watch as she enjoys...
From today, you will be my cuckold boyfriend. I want you to sit down here and watch. Donít try anything and donít say anything. Your work is to sit down and take it all in. Nothing else. If I need assistance such as using you as my ashtray, I will let you know.
But for now, all I want you to do is watch as I suck this studís balls and deepthroat his cock. Watch how he licks my tits and my pussy. How he slides his rock hard cock into my pussy and pounds it while his fingers fuck my asshole. I moan as I get excited and you watch him get hardcore with me. He pulls my hair and fucks me harder and harder till we both climax and he gives me a creampie. Your work is now done, unless of course you are hungry for creampie. Simple isnít it?
- Sinstress

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Sinstress initiates you to the cuckold club. And she does it in style.
Losers like you do not deserve good pussy like mine. But I have another use for you. I want you to watch as those who deserve me have their way with me. In the dirtiest way possible. I like them big and black. Like this guy right here. You can see his dick does not even fit in my mouth. But I suck it hard nonetheless.
I climb on top of him and fuck him. He takes over and fucks me from behind before shoving his big cock inside my ass. He stretches my pussy and ass with his pounding and I cry out in pleasure. All this while you are watching. Watch and learn because when we fuck the next round, which is a few minutes away, we will do it on top of you. Then in the next, you will be licking my feet while we fuck.
- Sinstress

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Sahrye almost feels bad about the fact that you're not getting to fuck her. That's why she's letting you watch her fuck an alpha male like the cuckold you are.
I really do almost feel bad about the fact that no woman in their right mind would ever want to spend time with you. You're so lousy and pathetic that it makes me worry you're never going to have sex and will just remain a virgin forever. Sadly, I'm not willing to touch you in any way, so I think it would be best if you just learned how to fuck from the dude that's coming over.
He's really big - a muscly guy with a huge piece of meat between his legs. I've had it three times and although I tend not to sleep with the same man twice, I made an exception for him because that big dick is too fucking good to pass up. How about you just go and sit down over there away from the bed and watch like the filthy cuckold you are?
- Enchantress Sahrye

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